Google Glass Games Are Currently In The Works (Video)

Google Glass is one of the most highly anticipated device launches in quite some time, but developers are still working steadily ahead of time to get their own apps and functionalities worked out before its release. A few weeks back, we touched on Revolv technology incorporated within the Google Glass interface and the outcome was pretty awesome. This week a few companies have come out with prototype games that are using on the Google Glass platform including a ported version of the classic Battleship board game. You can check out the initial versions of these Glass enabled games below:

Glass Battle


The real question I have is are these Glass games really necessary? Personally, I'd rather use my iPhone for playing games when I'm bored rather than resorting to playing them on Glass which will likely require awkward head movements or voice commands that would make you look like a fool in public. Similar to developers who are making games for the Pebble smartwatch, I don't really see a point in having a game on such a complicated platform that is meant for more traditional everyday tasks.

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Source: YouTube, TechCrunch