GameStop To Offer Exclusive Upgrade Credit Towards New Xbox One Games

With so many highly anticipated video game titles to be released early Fall before the next-gen consoles launch, it puts many consumers in an frustrating situation. Should you buy a new title for the current generation Xbox 360 so you get a chance to play it immediately or wait a few months for the Xbox One to release and buy this version instead?

Luckily, GameStop has made note of this dilemma and came up with a practical solution for their PowerUp members. Any eligible customers who buy the following titles for the Xbox 360 will be able to trade in and upgrade to the Xbox One version for $10 or under once it is released:

Here are the terms that GameStop has stated for this promotion:

To qualify for this offer, a customer must be a PowerUp Rewards member at the time they purchase a new eligible Xbox 360 title(s) within 30 days of its initial release and then trade that game at any U.S. GameStop location for the new Xbox One standard version of that same game. Following the purchase of an eligible current generation title, members will receive the guaranteed $50.00 trade-credit coupon via email and in their PowerUp Rewards Active Offers. Redemption of the coupon must occur by December 31, 2013. Offer is for a limited time only and may end without notice.

Personally, I think this is a killer promotion that I will likely be taking advantage of, but I am disappointed in the lack of titles being offered in the promotion. More specifically, I would LOVE to see Batman Arkham Origins included as it is highly anticipated in my book and puts me in an annoying situation. I have already contemplated what I'm going to do as to whether I should be buying the Xbox 360 version in order to play the title right away or if I should wait until the next-gen consoles launch. Let's hope they include these titles in this promotion at a future date!

Via: Engadget
Source: GameStop