GameStop Investigating Possible Breach Of Online Customer Credit Info

While GameStop has suffered in recent years as the decline from brick-and-mortar video game sales moves to the digital world, many consumers continue to purchase from the retailer's online version of the store.

Popular online security blog, KrebsOnSecurity has brought to light an ongoing investigation within the company's infrastructure to determine whether hackers may have siphoned credit card and customer data from their online store.

The initial discovery of the potential breach came via alerts from credit card processors stating that was likely compromised by an intruder between the period of September 2016 and the first week of February 2017.

Potential information captured include customer names, credit card numbers, expiration dates, addresses and CVV2 codes (the three digit code on the rear of your card).

While a security breach it is not yet confirmed by GameStop themselves, we HIGHLY recommend you check your credit card statements over the past few months for any unauthorized purchases.

For those who are overly concerned about this potential breach, you can always request a new credit card number if you used an existing card to place an order through GameStop's online store in recent years.

Via: Kotaku
Source: KrebsOnSecurity