Gamers Who Buy ‘Destiny’ On PS3 or Xbox 360 Get A Free Next-Gen Upgrade

The much-anticipated futuristic shooter known as Destiny is just on the horizon with a release date scheduled for this Tuesday. The title has already set records for the most expensive video game ever to go into development yet gamers and industry experts feel as though Bungie is not in over their heads. With a massively successful franchise like Halo under their belts, the sky is the limit for their future releases, and this one is expected to live up to the hype.

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Since the release of the next-gen consoles just under a year ago, there haven't been that many titles that have enticed gamers enough to invest in the newer consoles. However, Destiny appears to be a title that is warranting this upgrade for a large group of gamers especially considering most retailers will be offering a limited edition PS4 Destiny bundle.

To push this even further, Bungie has announced a new promo which will allow any gamer who purchases a copy of Destiny on the PS3 or Xbox 360 the ability to download the full digital version of the game on a PS4 or Xbox One at no extra cost. The free upgrade period will start on Tuesday and end on January 15th so gamers who upgrade during this four-month period will be able to take advantage of this great deal.

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Keep in mind, this promo is only valid for gamers who purchase a new console within the same family as their original Destiny copy. So those who buy Destiny on the PS3 will only be able to get a free upgrade on the PS4 with the Xbox 360 copy granting only a free copy on the Xbox One. Visit the source link below for more information.

Via: Engadget