Gameplay Broadcasting Will Hit The Xbox One This March (Video)

There was a great deal of hype about Microsoft's next-gen console especially after the extravagant unveiling event last May. Live streaming was one of the most popular features boasted at the event as it offers professional and amateur players across the globe a chance to showcase their live gameplay with fans, friends, or family.

When the Xbox One debuted in November, many showed disappointment when some of the new features including live streaming postponed to a later date. I'm happy to report this day is finally coming as the next planned Xbox One update will finally unlock gameplay broadcasting for all Xbox One owners.

The update is expected to be pushed out before March 11th thus allowing new TitanFall owners the chance to show off their skills to the rest of the online community. As you'd expect, Twitch is the live streaming hub of choice and the integration will allow quick access to “broadcast” your gameplay while in-game or through the dedicated Twitch Xbox One app.

Source: JoyStiq