Funny Or Die’s Latest YouTube Video Pokes Fun At The Comcast/Time Warner Merger

Caution very NSFW language within this video!

The Comcast and Time Warner cable merger is something many cable subscribers are dreading especially since both companies are notorious for having poor customer service. The popular YouTube channel ‘Funny Or Die' showcased their own take on the issue after posting a parody video on Comcast's behalf which addresses the negative concerns associated with the TWC merger.

The 1 minute and 51 second video depicts Jonathan, an imposter Comcast representative whom shares Comcast's unique philosophy in terms of fulfilling their customer needs. I won't give any spoilers as it is truly a spoof that you'll have to watch for yourself. As I stated earlier, the video features very NSFW language and I wouldn't recommend playing this video in a public environment or around young children.

Realistically speaking, this type of video is a nightmare for Comcast's PR team although I think the concerns of subscribers are more than warranted. I personally believe the situation is a modern-day monopoly and I am totally against the merger. Too much power within the reign of a sole company will drive up cable service prices and squash the smaller competitors thus never ending with a positive result

Source: YouTube