Freefly Unveils New $6.5K ‘Movi Pro’ Gimbal System (Video)

When Freefly unveiled their original Movi concept just three years back, the filmmaking world was revolutionized as fluid, cinematic movements traditionally found in high-end productions were easier and more affordable to accomplish than ever before.

Since then, the electronic gimbal market has exploded with many well-known accessory companies competing in the market releasing electronic gimbals that vary by the build quality, payload limit, and overall operating price.

While Freefly and their Movi line remain at the top of the market, this isn't enough for the company. Today, they launched their best gimbal system ever, dubbed the ‘Movi Pro.'

Priced at $6.5K for the package, the Movi Pro is an innovative take on the modern gimbal system with an entirely new redesign focusing on form, function, and ease of use.



With the highly successful launch of RED's newest line of cinema cameras, Freefly directly integrated their Red Link Command Protocol for extended use and configuration when flying compatible models.

See the full product announcement via Freefly below to learn more information:

Via: Freefly Systems