Epic Games ‘Fortnite’ Battle Royale Title Adds 100-Person Team Deathmatch

When PUBG launched, the popularity of the battle royale genre exploded even more than it has in the past through titles like H1Z1. After reaching huge milestones for their release on Steam's ‘Early Access' program, other companies began to adapt their games to include battle royale modes.

A prime example of this has been Fortnite a title from Epic Games that launched as a co-operative sandbox survival concept in July of this year and then quickly took on a new standalone mode dubbed Fortnite Battle Royale back in September. So far the title's battle royale version has been the bigger deal racking up over 30M players since launching the free standalone game mode.

Today, Epic Games announced that they are launching a new mode which players compete in a team deathmatch as part of two squads of 50 with the winners being the last team standing. However, this mode is only available on their free Fortnite client until December 17th for consoles, PC, and Mac.

Via: Engadget