Flappy Birds Has Returned, But Is Exclusive To The Amazon Fire TV

A few months back, a game called Flappy Birds made an astounding impact on the mobile app world. With its retro pixelated graphics and dead-simple gameplay, Flappy Birds became a world-wide sensation and was said to have been earning an estimated daily advertising revenue in upwards of $50,000. The app‘s creator Dong Nguyen was hesitant to speak to the media about his overnight success and the overwhelming popularity ultimately lead to Nguyen removing the game from the App Store as he feared people were becoming too addicted. Nguyen promised the game would return sometime this summer with a few new twists including a multiplayer element.

Just a few days ago, the game finally saw its re-release despite it being in a rather unexpected fashion. Why is that? Well the rebranded Flappy Birds Family app is now available exclusively on the Amazon Fire TV. Yes that is right, this is the only platform that is supported at this time which is a bold move considering the $99 streaming box has a drastically smaller audience than the iOS app market.

In comparison to the original, Flappy Birds Family focuses on two-player gameplay in which two opponents face off in a race against one another. The already difficult gameplay has gotten even tougher with the addition of little ghosts whom float around the empty space in an attempt to interrupt a player's progress.

If you're one of the few people who opted to buy the Amazon Fire TV then you'll be able to download and test out the app immediately. For the rest of us, it looks like the Flappy Bird future may be looking pretty dim at least until Nguyen decides to release it on a more popular platform.

Source: TechCrunch