The First ‘Amazon Go’ Cashier-Free Store Opens To The Public Tomorrow

Just over a year ago, Amazon unveiled their ‘Amazon Go' technology. This innovative design allows shoppers the ability to walk into a specialized convenience store, scan their Amazon app, place items from a shelf into their cart and leave the store without ever dealing with a cashier or checkout process. Exceptions are made for alcohol purchases in which a staff member will need to verify customers are of age.

While Amazon has been running a closed beta of this service in Seattle for their employees since the announcement, the store which is attached to their headquarters will open to the public as of tomorrow, January 22nd. This store, in particular, will offer ready-to-eat meals along with other food items like drinks, product, meats, and munchies.

This marks the first time that Amazon will be testing their ‘Go' concept in an open environment so the potential of them opening more in the future will solely depend on the success of the technology in this situation. If things go¬†well, Amazon could decide to include this technology in their recently acquire Whole Foods stores at some point down the line.

Via: Recode