The FiLiP 2 Is A $100 Smartwatch Geared For Young Children

There was a large variety of wearable technology present at last year's CES conference, but the FiLiP was a product that stuck out to me in regards to its originality. Their concept is simple, offer a kid-friendly smartwatch that functions as a hub for parental communication and location tracking yet fun enough for a kid to want to wear everyday.

The FiLiP is targeted at children under the age of 11, an ideal audience that is not yet old enough for the responsibility of their own smartphone yet. This leaves room for a product like the FiLiP, who offers a practical way of keeping youth connected with their parents by way of a fun smartwatch.

A demo FiLiP in use at CES 2014.
A demo first-generation FiLiP at CES 2014

This morning, the company launched their 2nd generation model dubbed the ‘FiLiP 2‘. This refreshed version offers better mobile app integration as well as a more rugged and adjustable form-factor.

Here's a few examples of what is possible with the FiLiP 2:

  • Voice calling – send and receive calls from up to five programmable phone numbers
  • Smart locator – identify your child's location via GSM, GPS, and Wi-Fi coordinates
  • Intelligent emergency – holding down the red button for three seconds enables emergency mode that automatically calls primary contacts, records audio from the smartwatch, and send real-time location notifications until the emergency mode is disabled
  • Safezones – programmable areas that will notify parents when their children have entered (school, home, daycare, etc.)
  • Time and date – standard time and date tracking like you'd expect from any smartwatch
  • One-way text messaging – the FiLiP can receive text messages although no outbound text messages are possible


The FiLiP 2 retails for $149.99, but it currently running a $50 off promotion for the holiday season. AT&T is the only service provider currently offered for the device and it'll run subscribers $10/month for service with no annual contracts. Those interested in more information about the FiLiP 2 can visit the AT&T product page.

Via: TechCrunch
Source: AT&T, My Filip