FiftyThree Introduces The Pencil, A Revolutionary Bluetooth Stylus For The iPad

Ever since the iPad was released, companies have attempted to produce a stylus that would allow users to write, draw, or sketch just like they would on traditional paper. However, this has been no easy feat and no one has been able to master execution of that concept. Up until now, Wacom's own Bamboo Stylus has been one of the leading iPad stylus, but many consumers are still not completely satisfied with the product and are searching for better alternatives.

FiftyThree is a company mostly known for developing the popular Paper By FiftyThree app for the iPad. The software developer has just released their first physical product called the ‘Pencil' with matched with their ‘Paper' app is a real winner. With a solid design and high-quality build materials, the Pencil is ready to perform regardless if you're a professional sketch artist or just someone looking to doodle in your spare time.

Notable features of the Bluetooth stylus include a battery capable of a month's worth of regular use, push button Bluetooth connections, free Paper in-app purchases, and advanced palm rejection technology. The Pencil is now available for pre-order in both Walnut or Graphite finishes for the launch price of $49.95. FiftyThree's store page states that Pencil units won't begin shipping until the beginning of December.

Via: Engadget
Source: FiftyThree