‘Far Cry 4’ To Offer Three Multiplayer Modes (Video)

Ubisoft's popular Far Cry franchise is back with their upcoming November 18th release of Far Cry 4. A new trailer has been released and it showcases a new, improved multiplayer format offering three unique game-types and a variety of maps.

Far Cry 4 appears to have a large focus on magical abilities, a unique turn for a franchise that has primarily been based realistic style warfare. For example, certain characters can charge the battlefield while riding an elephant, summon wild animals to ravage their opponents and even utilize “blink” arrows to teleport to new locations.

The three confirmed game types are as follows:

  • Outpost – an attack/defend style mode which utilizes outposts as the target to infiltrate
  • Propaganda – another attack and defend style game type where the goal is to destroy propaganda
  • Demon Mask – a traditional capture the flag style where the demon mask serves as the flag

Check out the multiplayer launch trailer which is embedded above and don't forget to pre-order Far Cry 4 before its November 18th release! Season pass holders will get access to a third PvP game type as well as a variety of other exclusives.

Source: YouTube