False Advertising Investigation Has Begun Regarding Game Title ‘No Man’s Sky’

One of the most anticipated titles of this year was No Man's Sky, an action-adventure survival game that debuted on the PS4 and PC. The game's first hype began at the 2013 VGX awards where the title was initially presented in front of the audience. From there, more coverage was given at E3 2014 where the title was awarded ‘Best Original Game', ‘Best Independent Game', and ‘Special Commendation for Innovation' from a panel of critics.

Fast forward two years down the line, No Man's Sky has been released and purchased by a huge number of gamers (over 750,000 copies sold via Steam alone) although many have been met with disappointment. On Steam, the title has a ‘Mostly Negative' rating with only 34% of customers satisfied. Despite the promise of unique gameplay, a big complaint is that the title is overly repetitive even lacking some of the major features shown in the pre-release trailers.

A case has been opened by the Advertising Standards Authority to investigate whether the developer, Hello Games, misled potential customers with advertising that did not live up to their initial claims. While there are no indications of what type of ramifications the developer could receive if found guilty, this is ultimately a good sign for consumers as it should help keep game developers honest in the advertising methods of pre-released titles.

Via: Polygon