Facebook Unveils Instagram’s Newest Update Which Includes Video Support

Think Vine is the biggest thing in mobile? Well I hate to break it to you, but Vine is looking like its final countdown is upon us. Facebook had notified the press last week about a private event that took place earlier today discussing their latest product. What Facebook had in store was their newest Instagram update which brought Vine-like video capabilities to the popular photo sharing app.

The official term for this new feature is ‘Video on Instagram' and here are some basic details about it:

  • Built into original Instagram app
  • Can be access via video icon at the bottom right corner
  • Can record up to 15 seconds of video
  • Can apply 13 new filters to your video
  • Videos will not loop endlessly like Vine (they only play once)
  • Integrated an advanced stabilization feature called Cinema
  • iOS and Android apps have already pushed the update out to all devices

Will this be the end of Vine? They sure don't think so as Twitter (who owns Vine) also announced new updates to the Vine app today including the ability to save your unfinished Vines as a draft, a redesign of the video stream, and revamped category system. Only time will tell if Instagram can take over Vine's established popularity, but it is very clear that users want to share video content on their mobile devices now more than ever.

Via: Engadget, TechCrunch
Source: Instagram