Rumor Mill: Facebook May Launch A Mobile News Reader Called ‘Paper’ This Month

According to an unknown source, Facebook has been working on a mobile news reader for the past few years and it that may be officially released later this month. The product is called ‘Paper' which is not to be mistaken with the iOS drawing app who shares the same name. ‘Paper' is set to be your one stop shopping for all mobile news information from sources like The New York Times and The Washington Post.

Facebook's VP of products, Chris Cox has taken this product and has been in direct development with Mark Zuckerburg for almost five years. The purpose of paper is to round up all the trending news, articles, shared stories and paid advertisements by companies an organize it in one consolidated area with a clean user interface.

One of Paper's biggest competitors is long time news app, Flipboard. This app has millions of active users who use it to collect news articles of their choice and create a digital magazine for their enjoyment. Assuming “Paper” is an instant hit, it is unclear as to what that might do to Flipboard and its current popularity. It is still under speculation if the product will be finalized and ready for download by the end of January, but all signs are pointing to the release of a Facebook news reader in the near future.

Stay tuned for future updates with breaking news about Facebook's ‘Paper' app and I suggest checking out the source link below if you are seeking additional details.

Source: Recode
Photo Credit: Johan Larsson