Facebook Will Launch Their News Reader ‘Paper’ On February 3rd

Just over two weeks ago, we covered a trending rumor that Facebook had plans to unveil a news aggregator to help people get easy access to trending topics in the online world. We now have confirmation that the app will launch for all users on February 3rd, one day before Facebook's 10 year anniversary.

The application is free and functions similarly to Flipboard or Newstand with its aim to providing a distraction-free interface for following the latest news both within your personal Facebook feed as well as around the web. Each piece of content will be sorted into categories for easy navigation and convenience. Though it is too early to know the exact structure, these categories will include food, LOL, creators, headlines, sports, photography, tech, science and design. Switching between articles or pieces of content will only require a quick swipe of your finger.

The app uses pictures as the primary design element in terms of navigation with plenty of room for video content. From the launch video, you may have noticed there is advanced integration such as tilting your phone to view a large panoramic photo, a unique and interesting approach from the dev team. This expected to be the first of many new apps coming from Facebook's Creative Labs department and for their sake, let's hope it does better than the social network's summer flop that was ‘Facebook Home‘.

Source: Engadget