A few days ago, Facebook released a major announcement regarding the launch of a fully integrated Android app called “Facebook Home“. Facebook officially pushed out their Facebook Home launcher into the Google Play Store earlier today, but it only included support for a select few devices. Unfortunately, due to the limitations on required hardware it seemed most Android owners were left in the dark.

Luckily, Paul O'Brien the founder of MoDaCo, came up with a simple way to get Facebook Home working on nearly any Android device regardless of the limitations set forth through the Google Play Store. This method is proven to be working on both Android smartphones and tablets. The process involves downloading and installing patched versions of the Facebook Home, Facebook, and Facebook Messenger apps.

Judging on the feedback received on O'Brien's thread, people seem to say the patched files are successfully working on their unsupported devices though the ability to send SMS messages through the Messenger application is not functioning as expected for some. Due to this, O'Brien's method might not give you the full Facebook Home experience in all it's glory, but it's a start until they push out native support for additional devices.

To see the original method posted by Paul O'Brien and access the necessary patched files visit this link.

Source: Modaco
Via: Engadget