FAA Tracking Down YouTube Users Over Illegal Drone Footage

Aerial drones have been the latest craze in the tech world as of the past few years, but there are looming laws and regulations that could be could soon put a major damper on this market. Just a few months ago, DJI's Phantom, a lower-end consumer drone model had crash landed within the restricted White House facilities and made national news about misuse of the popular quadcopters.

Since then DJI has pushed out a firmware that disabled their drones from flying in restricted areas such as downtown Washington DC as shutting down any potential border crossing. The FAA has shown their disapproval of these drones as virtually anyone can buy one and start flying it without  for any permits, training, or clearance even if they are required for commercial use.

This week, these consumer drones made news again after the FAA sent legal notices to a Tampa-based drone enthusiast after he uploaded a series of videos showcasing his DJI Phantom 2 Vision Plus in action.

According to VICE, the letter stated the following:

“This office has received a complaint regarding your use of an unmanned aerial vehicle (aka drone) for commercial purposes referencing your video on the website youtube.com as evidence. After a review of your website, it does appear that the complaint is valid.” 

The YouTube user says he is innocent and has never received a payment from Google as he's earned less than a dollar in return for running advertising alongside his video. To see the full letter in its entirety, it is embedded in the original VICE article for all to see.

Via: PC Mag