FAA Small Unmanned Aircraft Registration Begins Today

As a reminder to all our readers who are involved in the quadcopter and drone scene, the FAA has opened their Small Unmanned Aircraft System registry service as of this morning via their website.

The FAA is requesting owners provide personal information such as name, email and home address that will offer a certificate of aircraft registration/proof of ownership after submission via the web application. From there, the FAA will grant you a unique identification number (based on the pilot, not the aircraft) which must be marked on the aircraft anytime it is in use.

If you act now, the registration is free for the first 30-days and lasts three years from your approval date. After this 30 day period is up, the cost will be $5 per registered individual. Anyone who has purchased their aircraft before December 21st has a grace period until February 19th before the registration is mandatory. Those who have purchased their aircraft after today must register immediately prior to taking their first flight.

Source: FAA.gov