Expect ‘Apple Watch’ Bands To Show Wear Over Time, Says Apple

Today is a special day as it is the official day of release for the highly-anticipated Apple Watch. While this is an exciting time, Apple is already making an effort to prep customers about potential wear to their Watch bands that will be considered a “normal” occurrence. This is likely to avoid the negative PR from their previous experiences like “bendgate”.

9to5Mac is reporting that the Cupertino-based company expects their Watch bands to discolor and deform over time throughout regular use. The discoloration is explained to be a result from contact with sweat or skin lotions while the deformation is expected to take place where the buckle is located.




For those who opted the extra money for a metal band, you shouldn't have to worry about discoloration or deformation although the warranty won't protect against scratches or marks to the metal material.


Source/Photo Credit: 9to5Mac