‘Evolution Of Madden’ Video Reminds Us How Far The Madden Franchise Has Progressed Over The Years

Madden is likely the most popular sporting game franchises and their new releases are purchase by millions of gamers each and every year. A video dubbed the ‘Evolution Of Madden‘ was uploaded to YouTube yesterday and it showcases 25 years of Madden gameplay that is based off a real drive made by Steve Young in the 1998 Wildcard playoff game where the 49ers played the Packers.

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As gamers we are often focused on the next best thing that we tend to forget how drastically different the gaming world was just 5 or 10 years ago. I thought this video was a great watch as it showcases the evolution of the Madden franchise going from a 2D pixellated 8-bit player models all the way up to today where the 3D models are so realistic that someone could easily mistake them for the real thing.

While the video doesn't include any gameplay from the newest Madden 15 version (now available for purchase), it still gives you a great reminder how far video games have progressed over the years. The real question is where will the gaming world be in 5 or even 10 years from now?

Source: YouTube