At the E3 event today, Sony released in-depth details regarding their PS4 console. After yesterday's unveiling of the Xbox One's pricing, they had some surprising news to reveal that would make many potential Xbox One customers reconsider.

First off, the PS4 will be offered around the holiday season of this year (no confirmation on exact release date yet) and will retail for $399 which is $100 cheaper than the Xbox One. This pricing is a very intelligent move by Sony learned from their earlier mistakes when their PS3 sales suffered against Microsoft's Xbox 360 which was cheaper upon release.

We have finally been given access to what this console looks like in its entirety:


Sony also unveiled their used-game structure for the new console via a 22 second promotion video, which the audience responded with a standing ovation:

This means players can trade or sell games with no hoops to jump through or hassles to deal with. There is also no connection requirement to play the games unlike the Xbox One.

A big surprise regarding the Playstation 4 was the removal of free online play and the announcement that they now start charging via a PS Plus subscription which is offered at under $5 per month. Previously, Playstation's free online service was a selling point for some people with the PS3. Since Microsoft has charged for the Xbox Live service for years, it makes sense from a business standpoint and will also likely mean an improved online experience so for that I cannot complain.


Lastly, the Playstation Eye and DualShock controller prices have been unveiled with both accessories being priced at $59 each. The Playstation Eye does NOT come with the console (will need to be purchased separately) in comparison to the Xbox One's Kinect, which is included.

Overall, Sony surprised me with a lot of their decisions in a positive way. I've always been loyal to the Xbox over the Playstation in the past, but the price difference, used game structure, and abundance of similar game titles might have me switching to the Playstation bandwagon after all. Stay tuned for more information as it is released!

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