Dropcam To Be Acquired By Nest For $555 Million


The world of home security and automation has grown immensely over the past few years and many new startups are taking aim at a portion of the market. Dropcam is one in particular who developed a consumer-ready IP camera that does not require any professional installation and is priced low enough to satisfy most consumer's wallets.

The company currently has three main products on the market, the Dropcam, the Dropcam Pro edition, and Dropcam Tabs. The base Dropcam model is an IP camera capable of 720P video with a 107-degree FOV and is runs at a retail price of $149. The second model is the Dropcam Pro which also offers 720P video with a 130-degree FOV and a slew of additional features though it is priced $199 per camera.

When configured properly, each of these cameras offer streaming video benefits via mobile or the web in addition to an optional paid cloud recording service that can be purchased straight through Dropcam.  Their newest product is called Dropcam Tabs which are priced at $29 per unit (requires Dropcam Pro for use) and act as a portable motion sensor that can be placed on valuables or things like doors and windows to notify you when movement is triggered.

Having said this, Nest has made the decision to acquire Dropcam for $555 million as of yesterday. This is only a short time that Nest themselves were acquired by Google for the whopping sum of $3.2 billion. Nest has been dealing with some negative publicity as of recently due to a recall of their popular Nest Protect smoke detector so maybe this will be a good change of direction for the company.

Source: NestDropcam