Dropbox’s ‘Pro’ Subscription Now Offers 1TB Of Storage For $99/Year

Cloud storage has been a hot topic in the tech world as of recent years and the competition among its big name players has become ultra fierce thanks to a price drop in Google Drive storage just a few months back. Soon after Google's decision to slash pricing and offer more storage space on the dollar, Microsoft stepped in offering a free 1TB of SkyDrive storage to all Microsoft 365 subscribers which meant you could now receive the full Office 365 benefits and 1TB of SkyDrive all for $6.99/month.

Dropbox has been a bit late in terms of adapting to its competitors' pricing, but they have finally done so. The company decided to nix their tiered personal paid plans and simply offers a single ‘Pro' subscription that boasts 1TB of storage for a flat rate of $9.99/month or $99 when paid annually. Just a few days ago, a¬†$9.99/month subscription from Dropbox would only have gotten you a mere 100GB of space.

In addition to this pricing change, Dropbox has improved their security structure and now integrated several new features for sharing documents as well as a safeguard that can remotely wipe a lost device while backing up its content to your Dropbox account.

Overall, Microsoft's pricing stills offers the best deal for consumers as you get all the benefits of the Microsoft Office suite as well as 1TB cloud storage, but those who are loyal to Dropbox should be happy to see the change.

For more details on the Dropbox changes, visit the source link below.

Via: Engadget
Source: Dropbox Blog
Photo Credit: Ben Harrison