Dropbox Glitch Accidentially Deletes Some Users’ Files

dropbox-downCloud-based storage solutions have revolutionized the way many backup or share data files for both personal and business use. Dropbox has remained one of the leading services for cloud storage and has had one of the best reputations in the industry thus far.

Unfortunately, this may become jaded for many potential subscribers as the service experience an unexpected glitch this morning that resulted on an accidental file deletion of all files in a handful of users' accounts.

The bug was said to have been in older versions of the desktop app and the deletion happened when these users enabled a feature called “Selective Sync”. This issue resulted in some users losing up to several years worth of stored content and backups without doing anything wrong.

Dropbox has officially confirmed this bug and promises to make things right with those affected accounts. In an effort to save grace, they issued an email to anyone whose account was compromised by the glitch that states the following (originally sent to: Michael Armogan):


For the most part, it appears Dropbox was able to or is in the process of restoring the deleted files. They have gone a step further and granted a free year of Dropbox Pro for anyone affected (valued at $99) which will run up to October 10th of next year.

Via: Engadget
Source: Hacker News