Anyone Can Now Download The ‘Office 2016’ Public Preview

Microsoft has been hard at work in the development of their Office 2016 suite though the public still hasn't gotten a great look at the new version. As of this morning, the Redmond-based company opened up a Public Preview of the suite which allows anyone to download and test out the new applications in a pre-release stage even if they aren't an Office 365 subscriber.

While the final mastered version of the software isn't expected to be made available until Fall 2015, here's what you can expect to see when you download the Office 2016 Preview:

Cloud Support

Microsoft has integrated their OneDrive cloud system within all the core applications to allow users to create, open, edit and save files within the cloud then access them on both desktop and mobile devices. Mail attachments from Outlook can now be easily integrated with OneDrive without the need to leave the app.


Working on a file with multiple authors is now possible in real-time for both Office Online document in addition to those edited in Desktop applications like Word. This functionality is similar to that found within Google Docs and is best suited for group-based projects where collaboration is a must.

Smart Applications

Applications will now analyze your work and offer suggestions to get more out of Office. The three primary tools for doing this are:

  • Tell Me – a search tool in Word, Excel, & PowerPoint that offers commands by typing what you want to do.
  • Clutter – an Exchange feature that lights up In Outlook that utilizes machine learning to analyze email patterns and help clean up your inbox by way of automatic email prioritization.
  • Insights – a Bing-powered tool that will bring contextual info from the web to improve the reading experience

Faster & Easier Data Analysis

Excel's data analysis tools have been revamped and directly integrated to allow you to pull, map, analyze, and visualize your data in a more quick and efficient manner. This includes one-click forecasting as well as improved data modeling, connecting, shaping, and graphing.

For those interested in trying out the new Office 2016 Preview or someone who just wants free temporary access to the Office suite, you can download it via this link.

Source: Microsoft