NAB 2015: DJI Unveils A Smaller, Lighter ‘Ronin M’ Stabilizer

Just a few days after DJI held three simultaneous press events across the globe to unveil their new Phantom 3 quadcopter, the company has made another major product announcement at this year's NAB in Vegas.

Last year, the company released their Ronin 3-axis camera stabilizer that was met with large success. It had some downfalls including a hefty weight and bulky design that just wasn't necessary for lighter camera setups. Rumors began circulating early last month as several online retailers like Amazon and B&H held flash sales of the original Ronin offering up to $750 off the retail price. From an industry standpoint, this hinted that they were depleting their stock to make room for a newer model.

With the stabilizer market being flooded with competing 3-axis systems, DJI did their part to shrink the size and weight of the Ronin thus announcing the upcoming release of their Ronin M stabilizer. This revised model weighs in at 5lbs (down from 9.2lbs) and is said to be far easier to handle for extended periods. This makes the resulting payload potential lower so it is really meant for lighter camera systems weighing up to 8 pounds.

As of right now, the exact price point and release details haven't been disclosed. However, multiple media outlets are reporting that the unit will sell for a sub-$2000 price tag, and pre-orders will be opening in the coming weeks. Those who want information or just want to see the Ronin M in action can check out NewsShooter's video coverage of the Ronin M that I've embedded below for convenience.

To see the full system specs and feature set, check out the DJI source link below.

Via: Vimeo/NewsShooter, FStoppers
Source: DJI