DJI Rep Discusses Potential Ronin M Battery Defect

Just last week, DJI started to ship their new Ronin M stabilizer that is smaller and more affordable which ultimately attracts a larger target market. We have already received our unit and have begun the evaluation process. So far, our experience has been pleasant without any significant hiccups.

A few days ago, multiple members posted in a private DJI Ronin Facebook group about issues that they were having with the battery provided with the unit. Several experienced a noticeable white substance that was leaking from in between the battery cell and the bottom cover as seen below:

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While the consensus was that it was just some form of adhesive, they were skeptical as to whether the battery was defective especially since the original poster stated:

It looks and feels like dried up crazy glue, but when I sent DJI these photos they said “Battery shows indications of being damaged.”

Fortunately, this relatively large DJI Ronin group does include several DJI employees who will often monitor the discussions and help where they can. In this case, a Project Manager at DJI Global named Paul Pan had this to say about the potential issue:

“Our support staff needs some better training and I'll work on that. These photos show blooming from cyanoacrylate (glue) when the bottom battery securing plate is glued to the battery assembly. It should wipe off and totally isn't a damaged battery. I'll need to advise our factory not to pack the batteries so fast after assembly and make sure the frosting doesn't appear on shipped batteries. If you still think it's an issue, please direct message me.”

While this is obnoxious to deal with if your battery is exhibiting the same white residue, it is good news that the battery is not defective and will remain safe to store and operate.

Source: Facebook