DJI Has Debuted A New 4K-Ready ‘Phantom 3’ Model

Earlier this morning, DJI introduced the public to their latest product, the Phantom 3, by way of a live press event that was also able to be streamed for at-home viewers. This new quadcopter is the successor to the widely popular Phantom 2 model and has been improved in many areas.

From a cosmetic standpoint, not too much has changed. The body of the drone is still white with either silver or gold accents depending on the model that you purchase. The lower-end ‘Phantom 3 Advanced' model harnesses the silver accents and will run you $999. The more high-end ‘Phantom 3 Professional' sports the gold accents and is priced considerably more at $1259.

B&H has already began taking pre-orders for both models so those of you who are just looking for details on the new technical specs can jump over to their product page and check out the full list of specs. Notable improvements include improved cameras as the Advanced model is equipped with a cam that can shoot 1080P up to 60fps whereas the Professional has 4K support up to 30fps.

Unlike the “Vision” camera found the previous Phantoms, the field of view has been knocked down from 140-degrees to just 94-degrees. This helps solve two of the most obnoxious issues with the previous generations that were noticeable fish-eye distortion and the landing gear getting caught in your frame.

Both models now offer auto takeoff and landing functionality, indoor positioning sensors, improved GPS support, and you can now take advantage of DJI's “lightbridge” which, in this case, allows live streaming of the camera signal in 720P up to one mile away.

While these new feature updates are highly competitive, I don't see it cannibalizing the market for their pro-level Inspire 1 which boasts a larger, more robust design as well as a slew of more advanced features.

Check out the pre-order page for more information on the Phantom 3 and be sure to watch the embedded sample footage videos below: