DJI Begins Preorders For ‘Ronin M’ At $1399 Price

DJI announced a newer, lighter and cheaper Ronin M at NAB just a short time ago, and it has taken the video world by storm. The company stated the 3-axis gimbal would be significantly cheaper than its older sibling with an anticipated retail price under $2,000. Naturally, we were quick to assume this meant the cost would be somewhere in the $1,899-$1,999 range.

B&H began pre-orders for the Ronin M yesterday for the surprisingly low price of only $1,399, a number that is significantly cheaper than our initial expectations. The anticipated availability date is early May, and when coupled with the free expedited shipping and no tax from B&H (unless you live in NY), this results in a killer deal.

For a more detailed look at the Ronin M, check out the interview below courtesy of Cinema5D:

Via: Cinema5D
Source: B&H