DJI Announces New Foldable ‘Mavic’ Drone System For Under $1K

Just days after GoPro announced their innovative new Karma drone system, the leader in consumer drones has come back with their new model to compete. DJI's newest model is dubbed the Mavic and touts a foldable design much like the Karma yet smaller and features an assortment advanced features.

Here are the important things we know about new DJI Mavic system at this time:

  • Foldable design allows two front arms to fold into the body while the rear arms fold underneath the drone making a tiny footprint
  • Weighs in at 1.65lbs compared to the 2.22lbs of the Karma
  • 12MP, 4K autofocus camera can focus as close at 19 inches and cam be flipped 90-degress into portrait mode, capable of shooting DNG RAW natively
  • New OcuSync transmission tech allows the Mavic to fly up to 4.3 miles away while maintaining a Full HD 1080P video stream to operator
  • Maximum speed of 40 mph when in Sport mode, up to 22mph in standard flying mode
  • ActiveTrack mode allows the drone to follow a subject automatically or track a position while maintaining a constant height above the ground (such as someone climbing stairs or scaling a mountain)
  • FlightAutonomoy technology senses obstacles up to 49ft away to avoid them, will default to a stopped, hovering position if the object is not able to be navigated around
  • The Mavic can hover precisely indoors or in areas without GPS due to its forward and downward vision sensors
  • Coming in at 1/6th the size of a Phantom 4, the Mavic pumps out an average of 27 minutes of flight time and a max travel distance of 8 miles on a single charge
  • Can be operated on Wi-Fi via a smartphone or with the redesigned controller which has more of a video game design/feel with its own LCD screen for displaying various settings and flight communication, but supports most modern smartphones for a real-time feed of the video signal (no more iPads)
  • Support for control via physical gestures gives you the ability to do things like to take a selfie without any extra work
  • Pricing starts at $749 without a controller or $999 with the included controller, but they will be offering a special ‘Pro Fly More' package which includes the $999 Mavic/controller plus two additional batteries, extra props, a shoulder bag and charging hub for $1,299
  • DJI's Care Refresh warranty sells for an optional $99 which promises prioritized replacement service with up to two full Mavic replacements should you need it

For those interested in seeing the Mavic in action from a non-DJI source, freestyle skier Jon Olsson has put up a video on this YouTube channel:

Pre-orders are now available through most major retailers such as B&H Photo.

Source: DJI