‘DishWorld’ Streaming Service Rebranded To ‘Sling International’

Over the past few years, DISH has been offering a streaming service for international television content known as DishWorld. This morning, the service has been rebranded to Sling International and will provide access to over 200 international TV channels with support for 18 languages and packages starting as low as $15 per month.

The content within Sling International can be accessed by way of the standard Sling TV interface thus giving you “access to both international and domestic programming without needing to switch apps”. Those who do not have a subscription to the $20 per month Sling TV service will also be able to download a standalone Sling International app.

Anyone looking to test out either service can take advantage of their free trial options. Sling TV is currently offering a free 7-day subscription for their US-based content while Sling International is offering a full month of free streaming access. Both services will not charge you as long as you cancel your membership (can be easily done electronically in your account settings) before your trial period expires.

Source: Sling TV (1), Sling TV (2)