‘DirecTV Now’ Adds Free HBO Promotion For Early Subscribers

It is no secret that the launch of ‘DirecTV Now‘, AT&T's efforts to offer a live TV streaming platform was less than stellar and its early days left many subscribers with an overwhelming sense of frustration. However, the service has become increasingly more stable over time and still has a competitive offering in the current live TV streaming market.

For those of us who joined the service early enough and maintained the subscription up until now, AT&T is reaching out with a little promotional goodness to sweeten the pot and thank us for our patience and loyalty while being an early customer.

Unfortunately, new subscribers are not able to get the free HBO promotion as DirecTV is only awarding it to existing customers who have had an active account with a “Go Big” or “Gotta Have It” plan as of March 6th.

Here is the email we received regarding our active “Go Big” account yesterday morning:

“Enjoy 1 year of HBO® at no additional cost.

Yes, Colton—you read that right! Absolutely no strings attached. No hoops to jump through.

You're getting HBO included with your existing package through March 7, 2018. You literally don't need to do a single thing other than enjoy all of HBO with unlimited access to the most entertaining movies, addictive series, family favorites and more.

Why now? Why you?

Simply put, we want to thank you for being one of our most valuable customers and coming on this unprecedented journey with us. We're dedicated to making DIRECTV NOW the best streaming entertainment product in the industry, and because of you, we're on our way. So go on, keep enjoying the huge library of the best entertainment with unlimited access to all of HBO—anytime, anywhere. Want more deets? Check out our FAQ.”

In our case, we hadn't subscribed to HBO through DirecTV prior although after reading through the FAQs and looking into our account details, it appears that the HBO package has been automatically added.

While it shows my next billing statement will be $40/month ($5 more than it has been due to HBO), the fine print shows it will have a $5 loyalty discount to zero-out the HBO cost when the payment charges.

Source: DirecTV Now