Former ‘Daily Show’ Host Jon Stewart Signs 4-Year Deal With HBO

When Jon Stewart finally decided to retire from his nightly gig on Comedy Central's Daily Show, many of his fans were sad to see him go. Fortunately, the former TV host will be back in the spotlight soon enough thanks to a newly signed agreement with HBO that will allow Job to produce some content for HBO to air to their subscribers the next four years.

What this content will include is still undisclosed yet we can expect it to be the clever, witty viewpoints that the man has been notorious for portraying to his viewers for the past decade. The content has been confirmed to reach HBO subscribers on both the cable level as well as HBO Now, and their goal is to utilize new technology to post new digital content “multiple times throughout the day” though there isn't much clarification on what that means.

Via: Engadget
Source: HBO Public Relations