Crackle Brings Streaming TV & Movies To BlackBerry 10 Devices

Sony's popular video streaming service, Crackle, has officially begun supporting BlackBerry 10 devices via their newly released mobile app. Crackle is an excellent service that allows users to stream premium video content free of charge and is supported by advertising.

On Crackle, you can find a variety hit TV shows and movies including titles like S.W.A.T, National Security, Resident Evil, The Karate Kid, Bad Boys II, Weekend At Bernies, Seinfield, The Shield, Dexter and many more. Though it may not be practical, the Crackle app even supports the Q10's minuscule 3.1-inch screen.

The Crackle app is a step forward for BlackBerry 10 devices, but lacking popular applications like Instagram, Hulu Plus, Netflix, or Vine is a major disappointment for many BB10 users.

Via: Engadget
Source: BlackBerry World