‘Cover’ The Contextual Lockscreen Application Launches In Google Play

A new startup has emerged with a unique concept for smartphones which has some serious potential. The company goes by the name of Cover and they have developed a free mobile app which integrates a contextual lockscreen into Android devices. The app is currently in a beta stage, but seems fairly stable from my limited use.


Here is a brief explanation of the app's concept:

  • Cover will automatically show the six most common apps you use based on four geographic locations such as at home, at work in the car, or on the go.
  • Cover will automatically adjust to your settings such as vibrating while at work, ringing while at home, or switching to silent mode while at night.
  • Cover lets you peak at apps from the lockscreen without taking the time to launch the app fully.
  • Cover lets you adjust the background of your phone based on the four locations.

You can check out a full overview of the Cover app via the embedded video below or simply download Cover from Google Play and give it a try for yourself!

Via: TechCrunch
Source: Cover