Consumer Reports Proves iPhone 6’s Bendgate Is Overblown (Video)

Just a few days ago, news broke of an iPhone 6/6 Plus bending epidemic, and both the social media and traditional media world went wild. The story really exploded when a tech video blog, known as Unbox Therapy, filmed themselves intentionally bending an iPhone 6 using their hands (something you'd never do in a real life situation with any sort of “delicate” device). The video has since gone on to become massively viral racking up over 44.2M hits after less than five days.

Given the unrealistic circumstances of that video, it was clear the situation was vastly over exaggerated, and the famous tech Youtuber MKBHD (aka Marques Brownlee) also expressed a similar opinion on the matter.


This whole ordeal was enough to catch the interest of Consumer Reports, who decided to put the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus durability to the test and calculated the exact pressure needed to be applied to bend each phone. Additionally, they put four other devices to the test including the HTC One (M8), LG G3, Apple's previous generation iPhone 5, and the Samsung Galaxy Note 3.



The iPhone 6 Plus needs 90lbs of pressure applied to it to make it bend, surely something that will be extremely difficult (potentially impossible) to encounter due to tension from a tight pants' pocket. The iPhone 6 did require slightly less pressure at 70lbs although it is still enough to prevent normal use situations from deforming the device. Surprisingly enough, the HTC One (M8) also matched the 70lbs needed to deform yet we didn't see any massive news story about this device's durability, did we?

Read the full Consumer Reports findings via the source link below.

Source: Consumer Reports