Comcast Strikes Deal To Offer Netflix Originals “House Of Cards” & “Orange Is The New Black” To Subscribers

Netflix was the first online video streaming service to invest in their own original series and hits like “House of Cards” and “Orange Is The New Black” have given great incentive to potential Netflix subscribers especially since the shows have been exclusive to the popular streaming service.

This is now all subject to change after news broke this morning from Comcast CEO, Neil Smitt, who announced the company struck a deal with Sony Pictures Home Entertainment to license “House Of Cards” for Comcast subscribers. The series will be made available for viewing within their newly created Xfinity Store which launched this past November.

The announcement took place at the Deutsche Bank's Media, Internet, and Telecom Conference and the political-based series is expected to appear within the Xfinity Store sometime today or tomorrow. At this time, the licensing deal only will include the first season of the series so those looking to watch the full two seasons will still need to resort to a Netflix subscription.

It is currently unclear whether subscribers will need to pay a fee to get access to the show or whether it will be free to view. Currently, the Xfinity Store offers both paid content for purchase and rental along with free content so we will have to wait for official confirmation.

“House Of Cards” isn't the only show gained from the Sony Pictures Home Entertainment Deal as the following movies and TV series will be also added to the Xfinity Store:

  • American Hustle
  • “Breaking Bad”
  • Captain Phillips
  • Cloudy With A Chance Of Meatballs 2
  • The Amazing Spider-Man
  • 21 Jump Street

In a completely separate (but similar) deal, Lionsgate signed with Comcast to license the Netflix Original “Orange Is The New Black” making it available for Comcast subscribers on May 13th.

Via: TechCrunch
Source: Variety