The ‘Coin’ Credit Card Plans Expansion To 10,000 Beta Testers

Around mid November of last year, the social media and tech news world exploded with news of a revolutionary new product dubbed the ‘Coin'. To put it simply, the ‘Coin' is a Bluetooth powered credit card that is able to combine and replace up to 8 different cards in your wallet whether it be a credit, debit, or loyalty card. This type of technology offers great convenience and saves the hassle of lugging around a variety of physical cards.

Since the original product announcement, the launch video has been viewed nearly 10 million times and tens of thousands of pre-orders have been placed. According to the Coin website, the official release date for the coveted gadget is not until Spring 2015 however they have been running a closed beta test that consisted of 1,000 users located around the US. The company has now decided they will increase the amount of beta testers to 10,000 within the next couple of months so those of you who pre-ordered early may have a shot a getting your hands on a Coin earlier than expected.

If granted a beta invite, you can choose to accept (your pre-order payment will cover the cost of the beta unit) or you can decline and wait until the final version is released. Should you accept the beta invite, you'll still be able to purchase a final version of the Coin for a discounted price of $30 ($70 off the expected retail price.  Check out the source link below for more information.

In case you missed it, here is the original launch video:

Via: Engadget

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