The popular website service CloudFlare which acts as a caching and security buffer for nearly a million websites experienced some unexpected downtime this morning. CloudFlare is free to sign-up for, but also offers paid tiers with premium caching and security features. The outage is being blamed on an edge router update that cause their entire network to crash. This type of incident required all their routers at their various datacenters all across the globe to be manually rebooted. According to CloudFlare their equipment started to come back online 30 minutes after the first outage, but it wasn't until nearly an hour later that normal traffic was flowing in and out of the CloudFlare servers. CEO Matt Prince spoke with a TechCrunch representative and stated “this is completely unacceptable event to us. In the four years of our life, this is our third significant outage.”

CloudFlare has already released a statement saying they will be compensating any of their customers who are enrolled in a premium plan in order to make up for this downtime. Back in September, the company announced publicly that they were serving over 70 billion monthly pageviews and 600 million monthly unique visitors. According to Matt Prince, this number has now toppled over 100 billion pageviews each month. The outage caused many major websites to go down such as 4chan, Wikileaks,, and unfortunately even experienced just over an hour of downtime early this morning. I do not think this outage will do any significant harm to the reputation of CloudFlare in the future and we will continue to be doing business with them, but when it comes to website outages no one is going to be happy about it.

Photo Credit: TechCrunch

Source: TechCrunch