Claims Are Now Open For FTC’s PlayStation Vita Settlement

Credit: Farley Santos/Flickr

The FTC and Sony recently bumped heads over potential false advertising for their mobile gaming console, the PlayStation Vita. Shortly after a lawsuit broke out, Sony agreed to settle the matter out of court and provide any affected Vita owners with their choice of $25 in credit or a game bundle worth $50.

Earlier this morning, Sony launched an official website that will intake claims pertaining to the settlement and any Vita owners who purchased their unit before June 1st, 2012 is eligible to submit a claim. Those whose claims are approved will be able to receive $25 via a check or PSN credit or choose from one of the following three game bundles:

  1. Action/Adventure – Regular retail prices totaling $92.95
  2. Family Friendly – Regular retail prices totaling $100.46
  3. Variety Pack – Regular retail prices totaling $66.46

Those who would like more information about submitting a claim or the settlement process can get more details via this link.

Via: Engadget (1), Engadget (2)
Source: VitaClaims