Chromecast Adds Guest Mode, Offers Wi-Fi Free Control For Android Users

Google's affordable Chromecast streaming device has been a massive success for the company, having sold almost 4 million units in the past 12 months alone. At its $35 price-point, it isn't a hard sell yet that isn't stopping the big G from improving the device every chance they can get.

The newest improvement comes by way of an all-new ‘Guest Mode' which has been rolled out to all Chromecast owners. This feature allows the ability for friends to take over the Chromecast's control without being on the same Wi-Fi as the device, an aspect that was previously a requirement.

Google has uploaded a short instructional video (embedded below) to showcase how to enable Guest Mode on your Chromecast as it is entirely optional to use. There is currently a significant downside, Android is the only operating system that can take advantage of Guest Mode for now, so iOS users are still required to connect to the same Wi-Fi in order to take control.

Via: Engadget
Source: Google Chrome Blog