Chrome Browser To Block Obnoxious Advertising Starting Next Month

In the Internet world that we live in today, digital advertising is something we are used to consuming on a regular basis. Traditional banner ads are becoming something that we automatically block out when surfing the web, so more advertisers are adopting more obtrusive methods to get their message across like auto-playing video ads, redirects or pop-ups.

This makes web browsing less enjoyable, and often you'll refrain from visiting resources which utilize these types of ads even if they are helpful. Fortunately, Google has taken this problem into their own hands and announced back in June that they will be joining the Coalition for Better Ads.

As part of this initiative, the company will automatically block any obnoxious advertising methods as of February 15th when browsing sites via their popular web browser, Chrome. Additionally, the company will remove all ads from sites that violate the Better Ads Standards for more than 30 days thus requiring site owners to resubmit their sites for re-admission after the violations are corrected.

Via: VentureBeat
Source: Google Dev Blog