Chevy Adds Valet Surveillance To Their 2015 Corvette (Video)

Thanks to the advancement in technology, the security and surveillance market has become much more readily accessible for consumers. Chevy has upped the bar in this sector by implementing a video monitoring feature within their 2015 line of Corvettes to help keep track of everything a valet did after handing over the keys to your car.

In order to initiate valet mode, you simply put in an access code which will automatically lock the glovebox and center console as well as disable the infotainment system. Along with these features, a built-in camera will give you a video feed of your valet's driving experience as well as important vehicle data such as speed, location, and engine RPM. The camera will only capture video footage from the outside of the vehicle although there is an interior microphone which will record any audio present within the inside of the cabin.

While it ultimately won't prevent theft or damage caused by a shady valet driver, it should give 2015 Corvette owners some added piece of mind the next time they hand over their $55,000+ sports car off to a complete stranger. We all have seen the horror valet scene from the movie Ferris Bueller's Day Off so hopefully more automotive manufacturers will adopt this type of additional security to help hinder valet abuse.

Via: Engadget

  • This feature isn’t to monitor valets, it’s for the government and the insurance industry to monitor you and your driving habits. then set your insurance rates by your habits wake up sheep-people big brother is watching !

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