Introducing The ChargerLeash, A Simple Way To Never Leave Your Charger Behind

If you do a lot of traveling, you've probably ran into the dilemma where you have left your smartphone charger at home, the airport, or at the hotel. Situations like these are frustrating and usually result in a dead battery which can take a major toll on the rest of your trip.

A unique new accessory was unveiled at CES called the ChargerLeash and it aims combat this problem with a simple solution. The design looks similar to a standard USB charging cable, but features a small branded box in the center of the cable which contains an integrated alarm that reminds you to remember to take your charging cable with you after your device is unplugged.

You can buy a ChargerLeash in 30-pin, Lightning, Micro USB, or Multi-tip variations at a premium price of $34.99. While this is likely too expensive for the average consumer, it could save forgetful travelers plenty of money buying replacement charging cables in the future and it also doubles as an anti-theft deterrent as the alarm will sound someone tries to steal your phone while its charging in a cafe, library, airport, or other public setting.

Those who are interested in purchasing a ChargerLeash can now do so via Amazon.