CES 2014: Pebble Launches Their New $250 Pebble Steel Smartwatch

We finally made it to CES 2014 due to airline trouble although we did miss the first day and a few huge announcements. Yesterday, Pebble the company known for the most funded KickStarter campaign ever, unveiled the second generation of their innovative smartwatch. The new model is dubbed “Pebble Steel” and features a new redesign using high quality build materials which ditches the cheap plastic housing and settles for stainless steel.


Pebble has integrated scratch resistant Gorilla Glass to protect the device from the elements and any dings or drops that may happen. The new model will be offered in a brushed stainless steel or black matte finish which should suit most consumers needs and blend with a traditional watch. 


Pebble also had another big announcement concerning a new Pebble App Store. Designed to support both the Steel and the original Pebble, this marketplace will allow developers the chance to sell Pebble apps and watch faces functioning much like the iOS App Store. It is structured so that apps are sorted within six categories that include: Daily, Fitness, Remotes, Tools & Utilities, Notifications, and Games. The ‘daily' category includes things like news, weather and stocks whereas the ‘remotes' section includes home automation controls, thermostats, and car integration.

The Pebble Steel is now available for preorder at the price of $249 via getpebble.com, but it is not intended to ship until January 28th.

Source: AppleInsider