Popular CCleaner Hacked With Malware, Millions Of Users Were At Risk

Shortly after security giant, Avast acquired popular CCleaner, the optimization company's server was hacked resulting in malware injected in the software of 2.27 million users. While this is a horrible instance to occur for both companies especially when their parent company has a primary focus on security.

As bad as this sounds, there is some good news. While 2.27 million users at risk may seem like a massive number, CCleaner has racked up over 2 billion downloads total and surpasses 5 million new users each month.

This means the total number of affected users is under half a month's worth and a drop in the bucket when analyzing the bigger picture as to how bad it could have been at full scale.

This isn't to say the matter isn't a big deal, but 2.27 million users affected is significantly less to worry about than 2 billion. Avast also claims that they were able to locate the intrusion early on and were “able to disarm the threat before it was able to do any harm.”

What differentiates this type of attack from the norm is that the hackers didn't trick unsuspecting users into downloading malware through a phishing scheme, but instead were able to infiltrate Piriform's server themselves and distribute the infectious files through legitimate means of distribution.

As for now, it appears that only users of the Windows version of CCleaner were at risk. Like the company stated, a new version was pushed out quickly to fixed any vulnerabilities so those potentially affected should update their version of CCleaner if you haven't done so already.

Via: Engadget
Source: Piriform