Casey Neistat’s Social Networking App ‘Beme’ Acquired By CNN

Casey Neistat has been in the news a lot during the past week after he made a major announcement that he has decided to stop producing his ultra-popular YouTube vlogs which helped him grow his channel to 5.8M subscribers in under two years.

In the announcement video, Casey described his time vlogging on YouTube as a transitional period that he intended to carry out until something better came along and that he “didn't want to be known as a Vlogger when he was 40”.

His social networking app Beme had taken a backseat to the vlog coverage the past few months, but it isn't dead. In fact, a major headline came out today that might make sense why Beme had disappeared from his vlogs and provided more of a reasoning behind his decision to stop vlogging.

CNN has officially acquired Beme for an undisclosed amount (EDIT: The Wall Street Journal is reporting the deal is worth $25M). They will be shutting the service down and be bringing Casey and his 12 employee team from Beme to join CNN to work on a social news platform that will cater to millennials.

According to the report by NYT, Casey will be given free reign to build this platform, and it will exist as a stand-alone company which is affiliated with CNN, but not an actual part of the organizational structure.

We are still waiting for an official announcement from Casey on the matter, but it seems like he is seizing his opportunity to become more than just a vlogger/filmmaker.

Source: The New York Times