Casey Neistat’s Latest Vlog Shows Off GoPro’s Newest ‘Karma’ Drone System

After yesterday's big GoPro announcement, the company reached out to Casey Neistat, a YouTuber and filmmaker with a massive following and the fastest growing YouTube channel. They gave him a chance to test out the new Karma system in both the drone and handheld gimbal form as well as the new Hero 5 Black all of which he documented for his viewers.

I've embedded the vlog above for added convenience, the GoPro stuff starts around the 3-minute mark although the knowledge and thoughts Casey shares before this period in the video is still worth the watch for any aspiring filmmakers.

From Casey's perspective, it seems the Karma system is both incredibly easy to use and portable enough for his travel demands especially when compared to his usual drone of choice, the DJI Phantom 4. Not to mention, his sample footage shot with the new GoPro products came out pretty stellar.

Via: YouTube